Lulu’s On Main is a grand restaurant in Sylva, North Carolina that offers tasty delicacies from savory seafood, special steaks, pork, and chicken to tasty salads, pasta and sandwiches. Their menu also features vegan and vegetarian diets plus special bites like vegetable spring rolls, Mozzarella, and pork belly, to satisfy taste buds. Their dinner menu features Thai Chicken soup, perfectly spiced with the country’s ingredients. Furthermore, they have a kid’s menu featuring foods like chicken fingers and brownies to allow little ones to enjoy a refreshing moment at Lulu’s On Main restaurant.

Lulu’s On Main Menu

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Lulu’s On Main restaurant menu features numerous delicacies with varieties of dishes for customers. Their small bites menu includes French onion soup, fried green tomatoes, vegetable spring rolls, pork tostada, mozzarella, pork belly, etc. Their salads consist of southwester, wedge, pasta salad ALA Grecque, and Italian pasta salad.

Customers who want to have lunch at the restaurant have a plethora of choices like noodles, sandwiches, and burgers. Their Thai chicken soup and veggie is one of the most sought dishes in the restaurant owing to their unique taste.

Furthermore, Lulu’s On Main restaurant menu features a kid section. This menu includes foods like chicken fingers, pasta with tomato ragout, vanilla bean creme brulle, and chocolate lava brownie. Therefore, the restaurant is one of the best places to eat with children and young ones.

How to Book Online

Ordering a slot online on Lulu’s On Main is easy by calling their phone number: tel:8285868989. After 5 pm, they recommend that customers book a spot with them by calling. This is to ensure customers get a space, especially in their covered balcony. They also offer take-out services that allow customers pick-up their orders immediately after they arrive at the restaurant.


Lulu’s On Main restaurant has received over 700 reviews from happy customers on Google out of which they average 4.4 out of a 5-point scaling system. Most customers praised the restaurant for the opportunity to call ahead and book a slot to eat during the evening. They also love their tasty meals and beautiful interiors. Furthermore, their dishes were cooked with perfection in spices and taste. Others also praised their very friendly atmosphere and music. Overall, Lulu’s On Main restaurant is a fantastic place in Sylva to satisfy taste buds and enjoy delicious meals.

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