Lulu’s Evanston, Illinois is a self-established and family owned restaurant that offers numerous Asian delicacies as well as tasty meals. They are fans of the Asian culture and thus integrate their dishes into the American community. They also offer high-quality meals and drinks to help quench taste buds and provide a satisfying dining experience for individuals and families. People wanting to get fast snacks will definitely enjoy from their list of eggrolls, crispy vegetable spring rolls, peanut-sesame noodles, chicken wings, etc.

Lulu’s Evanston Menu

Their menu feature varieties of tasty meals and snacks for individuals and families to enjoy. Their snacks menu includes delicacies like cucumber Sunomono, Hot and sour soup, Peanut – sesame noodles, crispy chicken wings, eggrolls, pork gyoza, vegetable gyoza, sesame balls, etc. They also offer unique and tasty ginger salads like the soft white Tofu, Teriyaki glazed chicken, Korean Bulgogi beef, Char grilled shrimp and grilled Salmon.

For individuals who love noodles, the Lulu’s Evanston restaurant is one of the best spots. They serve Miso Udon noodles, Spicy korean udon, Bibimbop beef, curry noodles, spicy teriyaki noodle stirfry, Bibimbop Tofu, etc. Customers also enjoy delicious desserts like Vanila flan, chocolate pudding, butter cake, apple & caramel cheesecake, caramal & chocolate churros, etc.

How to order online

Lulu’s evanston restaurant allows customers to make food orders online and have them sent to any location. To get started, use the order link. All that is required is for the customer to choose their preferred food, make payment and choose a location.


Lulu’s Evanston restaurant has over 160 Google reviews from customers who have used their restaurant. On average, they have 4.3 rating out of 5.0 scaling system. Customers hailed the restaurant for their delicious meals, beautiful interiors and friendly customer service. They also loved their ginger tea and chicken wings plus the reasonable prices of meals. Overall, the restaurant is a calm place to enjoy delicacies on the go with friends and family.

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