Lulu California Bistro is a novel restaurant with high-expertise and skills in producing tasty meals for a memorable dining experience. Their menu features a variety of meals with high-value items for you to choose from. They always cook high-quality meals to ensure customers are satisfied with their service. Coupled with their award-winning chefs, the restaurant dishes out fresh foods that’ll create a lasting eating experience. Their vegetarian-vegan menu features varieties of delicacies for individuals staying off meat. Their bakery which features fresh hand-made bread; delicious desserts, and wide variety of drinks, wine and fresh coffee makes the Lulu California Bistro restaurant a lovable one in the country.

Lulu California Bistro Menu

The restaurant has numerous menu items to suit every customer. Their menu features kids section, weekend brunch, gluten free, vegetable-vegan, cocktails and wine, etc. One unique thing about the Lulu restaurant is that they provide a weekend brunch that allows you choose 3 meals over the period. It spans from 9am – 2pm and costs $24.99 per person. There are also different varieties of foods like Caesar salad, greens salad, wild mushroom soup, minestrone, friend calamari, etc. They also offer salad, desserts, and brunch beverages during the weekend.

Another unique thing about the restaurant is the special care for vegetarians. They have appetizers, soups & salads, pastas, veggie-burgers which are ideal for vegetarians. Their All day favorites menu includes all tasty meals including soups & salads, entrée salads, pasta, pizza, etc.

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How to order online

Lulu California Bistro restaurant is a partner with Opentable to allow customers book and reserve spots online. Simply go to the Opentable link, choose your preferred date, time and the number of people you want in the table. Next, proceed with the payment and it is set!


Both readers and critics have consistently voted Lulu the best restaurant in a wide variety of categories: best brunch, best California cuisine, best eating experience, best outdoor dining, best pet friendly dining, best take out, and best place to hang out with friends. Lulu is Palm Springs’ most popular restaurant, and dining there is like being a part of the local community thanks to the California bistro menu, warm and welcoming service, and lively atmosphere.



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